Eric Chaim Kline, Bookseller

Eric Chaim Kline, Bookseller

Judaism in Cold War America 1945-1990 [SERIES TITLE, 10 VOLUMES -- COMPLETE]

New York: Garland Publishing, Inc., 1993. First edition. Hardcover. Octavo. 10 vols. Double column text. Each volume is approx. 250pp. All are uniformly bound in brown cloth with white lettering on spine. A fine, as new set.

"America confronts Judaism with the challenge and the opportunity of addressing Jews in a free Society. The new politics defined by American freedom has reshaped the circumstances of Judaism and called forth revisions, reforms, and redefinitions of various kinds in response to the shifts in the political conditions under which successive generations of Jews in America formed their Judaism." (Neusner)

The individual titles are:
V1: The Challenge of America: Can Judaism Survive in Freedom?
V2: In the Aftermath of the Holocaust.
V3: Israel and Zion in American Judaism: The Zionist Fulfillment.
V4: Judaism and Christianity: The New Relationship.
V5: The Religious Renewal of Jewry.
V6: The Reformation of Reform Judaism.
V7: Conserving Conservative Judaism: Reconstructionist Judaism.
V8: The Alteration of Orthodoxy.
V9: The Academy and Traditions of Jewish Learning.
V10: The Rabbinate in America: Reshaping an Ancient Calling.

The contents of each individual volume, in detail, are:

V1 = Introduction --- Assimilation, Integration, Segregation -The road to the future/ Jacob B. Agus --- the Jew Who Didn't Get Away: On the Possibility of an American Jewish Culture/ Robert Alter --- What's American about American Jewry? / Joseph L. Blau --- Reflections on Assimilation in America/ Jerome Braum --- The Blessing of Assimilation in Jewish History/ Gerson D. Cohen --- The Jewish People in Metamorphosis/ Moshe Davis --- The institutional Life of American Jewry/ Daniel J. Elazar --- The American Jewish Experience / Isaac Franck --- Nostalgia Is Not Enough / Ruth Gay --- Social Characteristics of American Jews, 1654-1954 / Nathan Glazer --- The Crisis in American Jewry/ Nathan Glazer --- Old Habits Die Hard: Judaism in The Encyclopedia of Religion/ William Scott Green --- The Jewish Consensus / Ben Halpern --- The Evolution Of Jewish Identity / Arthur Hertzberg --- The Death and Rebirth of the Jewish People in America / Eugene S. Mornell --- The Jewish Religious Experience in America: The Problem of Interpretation / Jacob Neusner --- Assimilation and Self-Hatred in Modern Jewish Life / Jacob Neusner --- Freedom's Challenge to Judaism / Jacob Neusner --- From Theology to Ideology: The Transmutation Of Judaism in Modern Times / Jacob Neusner --- The Role of Judaism in America / Jack Riemer --- The New Jewish Identity in America / Stuart E. Rosenberg --- American Jewry, the Ever-dying People / Marshall Sklare

V2 = The Holocaust in American-Jewish fiction: a slow awakening / Alexander, E. -- Stealing the Holocaust / Alexander, E. -- European Jewry before and after Hitler / Baron, S.W. -- The nativization of the Holocaust / Berenbaum, M.
Approaching the Holocaust / Berkovits, E. -- The question and the answers after Auschwitz / Cain, S. -- Studying the Holocaust's impact today: some dilemmas of language and method / Eckardt, A. & R.
The Holocaust and Jewish theology / Eckstein, J. -- The human condition after Auschwitz: a Jewish testimony a generation after / Fackenheim, E.L. -- The Holocaust and future Jewish thought / Fackenheim, E.L.
The reasoning of Holocaust theology / Feuer, L.S. -- Elie Wiesel's Messianism of the unredeemed / Friedman, M. -- A "Holocaust" primer / Neusner, J. -- The implications of the Holocaust / Neusner, J.
Judaism in a time of crisis: four responses to the destruction of the Second Temple / Neusner, J. -- Journey to Poland / Rubenstein, R.L. -- Germany and the Jews: two views / Rubenstein, R.L. & Neusner, J.
A Jewish theology for post-Holocaust healing / Schulweis, H.M. -- The Holocaust and the American Jewish intellectual / Whitfield, S.J. -- Faith and the Holocaust / Wyschogrod, M.

V3 = Zionism and Judaism / Adam, Y. -- Seeking ease in exile / Alexander, E. -- Where is Zion? / Alexander, E. -- Liberalism and Zionism / Alexander, E. -- Zionism as Americanism / Auerbach, J.S.
American Jews and Israel: Two views II / Eisenberg, J.M. -- An agenda for conservative Judaism in Israel / Fishman, H. -- American Jews and Israel: Two views I / Gittelsohn, R.B.
A strategy for non-orthodox Judaism in Israel / Gottschalk, A. -- Judaism and the Land of Israel / Hertzberg, A. -- Israeli imperatives and Jewish agonies / Horowitz, I.L. & Zeitlin, M.
Zionism the ideal and an idea of religion / Lang, B.B. -- Judaism and the Zionist problem / Neusner, J. -- A stranger at home: an American Jew visits in Israel / Neusner, J. -- Zionism and "The Jewish problem" / Neusner, J.
Diaspora Judaism: an abnormality? The testimony of history / Petuchowski, J.J. -- Zionist polemics in a post-Zionist age / Petuchowski, J.J. -- The tasks of Israel and galut / Polish, D.
Israel: the ever-dying people / Rawidowicz, S. -- Can there be a revival of Zionist ideology? / Rotenstreich, N. -- Israel and American youth / Sanders, R.
Israel, galut and Zionism: the changed scene / Shmueli, E. -- Whither diaspora Judaism? / Sigal, P. -- Reform and Conservative Judaism in Israel: aims and platforms / Tabory, E.

V4 = Jewish-Christian relationships in America / Bernards, S.S. -- The man of dialogue and the man of halakhah / Birnbaum, R. -- Christian silence of Israel: an end to dialogue? / Diamond, M.L.
The achievements and trials of interfaith / Eckardt A. and R. -- Jewish-Christian relations / Tanenbaum, M.H. -- The future of Jewish-Christian relations / Falwell, J.
Zionism, the State of Israel, and the Jewish-Christian dialogue / Flannery, E.H. -- About the Judeo-Christian tradition; The Judeo-Christian tradition concept / Heller, B. -- Interfaith relations in the United State / Kertzer, M.N.
Protestants and Jews / LaSor, W.S. -- The American mainline churches and Israel / Lewis, M. -- Christians and Jews in the historical process / Littell, F.H. -- How shall a believing Jew view Christianity? / Matt, H.
The Catholic church and the Jews: the Vatican's new guidelines / Poliakov, L. -- The Protestant establishment and the Jews / Rubenstein, R.L. -- Judaism, scriptures, and ecumenism / Schwarzschild, S.S.
Christian-Jewish relations: still a way to go / Siegman, H. -- American Jews and the Protestant community / Strober, G.S. -- A new stage in Jewish-Christian dialogue / Wyschogrod, M.

V5 = Judaism in the post-Christian era / Berkovits, E. -- The national religious institutions of American Jewry / Etzioni, A. -- The role of the synagogue in the American Jewish community / Feldman, A.J.
The A-thological Judaism of the American community / Frimer, N.E. -- The ordination of women / Gordis, R. -- Those entitled to be Jews / Halpern, B. -- Religious trends in American Jewry / Herberg, W.
The integration of the Jew in contemporary America / Herberg, W. -- The American Jew and his religion / Hertzberg, A. -- The nation and the individual / Heschel, A.J. -- A love-letter to my congregation / Laderman, M.
"Who hast not made me a man": the movement for equal rights for women in American Jewry / Lerner, A.L. -- Jews by choice: their impact on the contemporary American Jewish community / Mayer, E.
An experience of prayer / Neusner, J. -- Judaism in the secular age / Neusner, J. -- Synagogue and center: the symposium in retrospect / Neusner, J. -- The passing of Jewish secularism in the United States / Parzen, H.
Power in a midwestern Jewish community / Roseman, K.D. -- The intellectual and contemporary Jewish life / Rubenstein, R.L.
Is the synagogue becoming a church, the Rabbi a Priest? Religious and secular aspects of the Jewish community / Siegman, H. -- The sociology of the American synagogue / Sklare, M.
Sacred survival: American Jewry's civil religion / Woocher, J.S. -- My "commentary" problem -- and ours / Wyschogrod, M.

V6 = The nature and task of liberal Judaism / Agus, J.B. -- Reform Jewish outreach: opportunities and challenges for the 1980s / Belin, D. -- Reform Judaism in America / Cohon, S.S. -- The challenges of Halakhah / Ellenson, D.
Reform is a verb / Fein, L.J. -- Reform and conservative Judaism: Their mutual relationship / Gordis, R.; Heller, J.G. -- Conservative and reform / Eisenstein, I. -- Reform and conservative Judaism / Feuer, L.I.
Conservatism and reform -- shall they merge? -- Reform Judaism's adaptation to America / Karff, S.E. -- Zionism and reform Judaism: responses to modernity / Langer, M. -- Reform Judaism in America: its problems and tasks / Levy, F.A
The reform synagogue: plight and possibility / Levy, R.N. -- The limits of liberal Judaism / Petuchowski, J.J. -- A century of reform Judaism in America / Temkin, S.D.

V7 = The Conservative movement: The "Reconstructionist" Movement / Agus, J.B. -- Conservative Judaism as a unifying force / Arzt, M. -- Toward a theology of experience / Cohen, J.J. -- The maturation of Conservative Judaism in America /
/ Cohen, G.D. -- The Rabbi, Halakhah and the Rabbinical Assembly / Dresner, S.H. -- The return of paganism? / Dresner, S.H. -- Jewish tradition in twentieth century America: the Conservative approach / Friedman, T.
Is Conservative Judaism -- Conservative? / Gertel, E.B. -- Inside or outside? Emancipation and the dilemmas of Conservative Judaism / Gillman, N. -- Manpower for Conservative Judaism / Ginzberg, E.
The values of Jewish education / Heschel, A.J. -- Toward an understanding of Halacha / Heschel, A.J. -- Comments upon "Unity and Diversity in the Conservative Movement" / Kohn, J.; Garten, S.; Auerbach, S.S.; & Kussy, S.
A century of Conservative Judaism in the United States / Karp, A.J. -- The American Jewish experience: a Conservative perspective / Kushner, H.S. -- Conservative Judaism in a divided community / Neusner, J.
The sources of our disunity / Schorsch, I. -- Reconstructionism and Conservative Judaism / Schwarz, S.H. -- Theology, Torah, and the Man of Today / Siegel, S.
Recent developments in Conservative Judaism / Sklare, M. -- The ideology of the Conservative movement / Waxman, M. -- Halakhah and ideology in Conservative Judaism / Yutter, A.J.

V8 = The Orthodox Stream / Agus, J.B. -- A contemporary Rabbinical school for Orthodoxy Jewry / Berkovits, E. -- Authentic Judaism and Halakhah / Berkovits, E. -- Trends in the American Yeshiva today / Fasman, O.Z.
Will there be Orthodox women Rabbis? / Greenberg, B. -- The ambiguous modern Orthodox Jew / Kaplan, L. -- The death of Judaism and the birth of Judaisms / Neusner, J. -- A challenge of orthodoxy / Rackman, E.
American orthodoxy -- retrospect and prospect / Rackman, E. -- Truth and wisdom: an Orthodox approach / Rackman, E. -- Conservatism and the Orthodox resurgence / Riskin, S.
Orthodoxy resurgent / Schnall, D.J. -- Denominationalism and the American experience: and Orthodox view / Wurzburger, W.S. -- The Conservative view of Halakhah is non-traditional / Wurzburger, W.S.

V9 = Jewish studies in American liberal-arts colleges and universities / Band, A.J. -- Study of religion / Cain, S. -- An embarrassment of riches: on the condition of American Jewish Scholarship in 1969 / Cohen, G.D.
Jewish philosophy in the academy / Fackenheim, E.L. -- Jewish history and American education / Feldman, E. -- Jewish survival and the college campus / Greenberg, I.
The Jewish college student and the intellectual community / Himmelfarb, M. -- Anti-semitism in the academy: some pages of the past / Hook, S. -- The Rabbi on campus / Israel, R.J.
The Jew on the college campus / Jospe, A. -- Jewish academies in the United States: their achievements, culture and politics / Lipset, S.M & Ladd, E.C., Jr. -- "Being Jewish" and studying about Judaism / Neusner, J.
Graduate education in Judaica: problems and prospects / Neusner, J. -- The new setting for Jewish learning: towards a theory of University studies in Judaism / Neusner, J., with responses by Green, W.S. and Goldberg, A.S.
Professors or curators? Universities or museums?: the case of Jewish studies / Neusner, J. -- Stranger at home: the task of religious studies / Neusner, J. -- The university as a locus for the Judaic life of intellect / Neusner, J
An interview with Jacob Neusner / Novak, W. -- Jewish studies in America -- present problems and future prospects / Roth, N. -- Religion and the academic community: the creative tensions of faith and learning / Rubenstein, R.L.
The American university and Jewish learning / Silver, D.J. -- The problem of contemporary Jewish studies / Sklare, M. -- The ideology of the Founders of Jewish Scientific Research / Wiener, M.

V10 = Inner Dynamics of the Rabbinate / Bloom, Jack H. -- The Seminary and the Modern Rabbi / Cohen, Arthur -- The Function of the Rabbi / Glazer, Nathan -- The Role of the Rabbi Today / Gordis, Robert -- The Rabbinate--A Restless Body of Men / Greenberg, Ephraim -- The Rabbinate and the Jewish Community Structure / Greenberg, Simon -- The Changing American Rabbinate / Hertzberg, Arthur -- The Intellectual and the Rabbi / Himmelfarb, Milton -- The Synagogue in America / Kelman, Wolfe -- The End Is Where We Start From... / Lenn, Theodre I. -- The Changing Rabbinate: A Search for Definition / Rabinowitz, Stanley and Hertzberg, Arthur -- The Inner Life of the Rabbi / Reichert, V. E. and Kramer, M. and Einhorn, E. F. -- The American Rabbi in Transition / Routtenberg, Max J. -- A Rabbi Dies / Rubinstein, Richard L. -- Studying at Hebrew Union College, 1942-1945 / Rubinstein, Richard -- The Future of Rabbinic Training in America. A Symposium // (with 11 authors) -- The Conservative Rabbinate--In Quest of Professionalism / Zelizer, Viviana A. and Gerald L. -- Acknowledgments. Fine. Item #51927

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