Eric Chaim Kline, Bookseller

Eric Chaim Kline, Bookseller


East Asian Studies from the Collection of Eric Chaim Kline

Illustrated catalog with 185 fully described works written in Japanese, Chinese and English from the 17th century to the present in the fields of Architecture, Decorative Arts, Fine Arts, Photography, History, Literature, Social Sciences and Sports.

Eyes Like Lamps

Promotional card for Eyes Like Lamps, our limited edition nineteenth-century photographic survey of the Islamic Near East from Morocco to Turkey. Illustrated with accurate reproductions of 374 photographs arranged in 22 thematic chapters. Selected from the 5000-image archive of Mohammed B. Alwan. With an introduction by Stephen Sheehi. See full description and images of the work by searching for item #40478.

Our Print Ads

Advertisements for Eric Chaim Kline Bookseller, published over the last few years in the Jewish Review of Books, a quarterly of articles about important and thought-provoking books and ideas.


This catalog contains highlights from our photographic holdings.  It includes printed images, unique photo albums and original photographs.  Content ranges from the late nineteenth century albumen prints and photogravures to Cibachromes. 

Rare Books and Manuscripts, 2018

We are proud to present the newest selection of rare books and manuscripts from our inventory.

Art & Humanities 5

An illustrated list of 30 books, manuscripts, glass slides, atlases, posters, sample books, photographs and portfolios in five subjects: art & architecture, literature & film, photography, religion & philosophy and travel & history. Featuring Parole der Woche N.S. propaganda posters, a film typescript by Thea von Harbou, André Masson’s 1/10 signed erotic portfolio Le Mort with original copper plate & drawing, a first edition of Moryson’s 1617 Ten Yeeres Travell and Struwwelpeter magic lantern slides.

Judaica 5

An illustrated list of eight visual Jewish works in the fields of fine art, archaeology, photography, performing arts and literature. Featuring Le Temple de Jerusalem by historian Charles Chipiez and archeologist Georges Perrot, a comprehensive work on dancer & choreographer Baruch Agadati with 32 photographs, The Soncino Pentateuch with typeface and initials designed by Marcus Behmer, Arthur Szyk’s pochoir Tentation de Saint Antoine by Flaubert and 88 original drawings by Rosy Lilienfeld illustrating Martin Buber’s Chassidic Die Legende Des Baalschem.

Arts & Humanities 4

An illustrated list of 32 books, portfolios, photographs and drawings in four subjects: architecture & decorative arts, Judaica, literature and fine press. Featuring the Hutter polyglot bible, the Nuremberg Chronicle with one original leaf, a first edition of Kafka's Ein Hungerkunstler, Oscar Wilde's The Sphinx, Dutch Details, Herzl's Der Judenstaat, and last but not least, Shakespeare's Fourth Folio.

Ladino & Sephardic Culture

Selections from The Sephardic Classical Lbrary and The Henry J. Leir Library of Sephardica, with works written, edited, translated, compiled or introduced by Dr. Moshe Lazar.

Judaica 4

An illustrated catalog of 13 books on a variety of topics in Jewish studies: civil rights & emancipation, German Jewry, Hebrew manuscript facsimiles, Hebrew typography, Jewish art and prayer. Featuring L. Pasternak: His Life and Work inscribed by Dr. Max Osborn and two works by Moses Hess: Rom und Jerusalem, a seminal work on Zionism and Dynamische Stoffleher, his philosophical work on science, the cosmos and mankind, published posthumously and inscribed by his wife.

Arts & Humanities 3

An illustrated list of 38 books, manuscripts and art in ten subjects: antiquity, architecture & design, art, children's & illustrated, cinema, Judaica & Islamica, natural history, Olympic Games, photography and Russian. Featuring a collection of mimeograph transcripts from the Reichstagsbrand Trial with the Rotbuch of London's counter mock trial, an inscribed copy of the Life-Work of the American Architect Frank Lloyd Wright and The Holy Bible illustrated with 20 albumin photographs by Francis Frith.

Judaica 3

An illustrated list of 28 books, manuscripts and artwork on various subjects in Jewish studies: anti-Semitism, the Bible, emancipation, the Hagaddah, the Holocaust, Jewish art, music and law, Kabbalah. Featuring Musee Des Horreurs, a complete set of 51 lithographic anti-Dreyfus posters, Der Juden zu Franckfurt Stättigkeit und Ordnung, containing the first printed illustration of the yellow circle Jews were required to wear, hand colored on the title page, a first edition of Autoemancipation! by Leon Pinsker and a set of The Survivor’s Talmud.

Arts & Humanities 2

An illustrated list of 30 books, manuscripts and art in eight subjects: architecture, art & decorative art, automotive, expositions & costume, Judaica & religion, manuscripts, natural history and photography. Featuring: a Giant Illuminated Koran Manuscript in Naskhi and Jawi scripts, a facsimile of the Gutenberg Biblia Latina, otherwise known as the Gutenberg Bible and William Jaredine's The Naturalist's Library with over one thousand hand-colored engravings.

Judaica 2

An illustrated catalog of 74 books representing a cross section of subjects in the field of Jewish studies: art & culture, festschriften & collected essays, history, literature, Palestine, philosophy, rabbinics & theology, reference & bibliography, World War II & the Holocaust. Featuring Entartete Kunst: Ausstellungsführer, catalog of the landmark Nazi exhibition of forbidden expressionist art and How to Cook in Palestine, a trilingual publication in English, German and Hebrew.

Arts & Humanities 1

An illustrated list of 32 books, manuscripts and artwork divided into six subjects: art & design, film, illustrated, Judaica & WWII, manuscripts and photography. Featuring Abeceda Dusevniho Prazdna the German labor camp photodocumentary by Zdenek Tmej, a set of 13 original Control Council WWII Broadsides including No. 1 abrogating Nazi law, and a collection of 45 Vintage photographic prints gymnasticaakt by Gerhard Riebicke.

Europe Between the Wars

A catalog of 17 books and photos on a variety of subjects: art, dance, design, fascism, modernism, national socialism, photography, theater and typography. Featuring V Campo Dux Opera Balilla A. XI. a pictorial commemoration of Mussolini's Fascist revolution, Zhenshina Stran'y Sots'yalisma: Fotoseriya a portfolio of photomontage celebrating the role of women in Russian society, and Brycha 1945-1948 documenting the migration of Holocaust survivors overland to Palestine in photography, with text in English, Hebrew and Yiddish.

Olympic Games & International Sport

A catalog of 100 books, film, art, photography and music on international sport: summer and winter Olympic Games from Stockholm 1912 to Barcelona 1992, arbeiter games, turnfests, sport art, architecture and surveys. Featuring Garmish-Partenkirchen's bid for the Olympic Games of 1960, a signed copy of Carl Diem's Sport in Amerika and Seven original reels of film from the 1936 Berlin Games (four by Leni Riefenstahl).