Eric Chaim Kline, Bookseller

Eric Chaim Kline, Bookseller


From time to time we create substantial academic collections from our inventory to support teaching and research programs at both graduate and undergraduate levels. We also create book collectionsboth large and smallfor individuals, decorators, museums, archives and libraries.



A unique collection of signed materials assembled in 1957 by Goff for a feature article in the weekly journal “Bauwelt.”  Architectural plans and renderings (24), photographs (189), extensive commentary (handwritten and typed) plus his hand-corrected “Notes on Architecture” essay, a note to editor-in-chief Ulrich Conrads and the resulting publication. Extensively covers his unconventional residential and commercial designs, both built and not. Illustrated prospectus upon serious inquiry.



An academic collection of 10,000 volumes from 1880–1980 with strong emphasis on individual commentary, linguistics, Jewish approaches to the text and German scholarship 1880–1930.

Includes criticism and commentary, lexicons and linguistics, origin and history, archaeology and geography, customs and ceremonies, ethics and law, folklore, symbolism and magic. 90% Old Testament, 10% New Testament. 70% English, 30% Western European languages.






Collection of 116 National Socialist propaganda posters (various, 1937 to 1942). Displayed in public places, the pro-German propaganda is anti- Semitic, Bolshevist, English and American. They begin as text only and demonstrate an evolving realization of the importance of pictures. Includes the diagram of Jewish complicity with Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin; the plutocratic child murderers of London; and the history of the United States: Uncle Sam throws a Native American off a cliff and then is himself pushed off by a Jew.

A unique collection of 88 signed charcoal drawings by the German-Jewish artist illustrating Martin Buber's "Legende des Baalschem." The works, 34 of which were published by R. Löwit Verlag in 1935, illustrate 14 short stories that recount the spiritual triumphs and teachings of the founder of modern Chassidism, Rabbi Israel ben Elieser. While Lilienfeld (whose work was confiscated by the Nazis as "degenerate art") did not survive the Holocaust, her Baalschem drawings evocatively document a powerful Jewish mythos during a time when the traditional and the modern mingled briefly in Weimar-era Frankfurt. Illustrated prospectus upon serious inquiry. $50,000.

A comprehensive academic collection of 10,000 German-language books and periodicalsfrom the 18th-century emancipation to the Holocaustdocumenting Jewish culture, history and belief. Organized into 18 categories, with numerous first printings of seminal works by scholars, intellectuals, rabbis and politicians. Illustrated prospectus available upon serious inquiry.


A comprehensive research collection of 10,000 titles for the academic study of the Holocaust, organized into 25 subject categories and comprised of books, periodicals and ephemera, including many primary source materials. Approximately 60% in the English language. Illustrated prospectus available upon serious inquiry.