Eric Chaim Kline, Bookseller

Eric Chaim Kline, Bookseller

Omnia acta in Sacro Concilio Tridentino (All the Acts of the Sacred Council of Trent)

Padova: C. Griffio and L. Pasquato, 1563. Paperback. Sammelband of 7 publications, issued between 1563 and 1564, small quarto: A-B4; [pi]4; A4 [chi]2; A-B4; A-C4; A-D4; A-B4 (= 62 leaves), pp. [16]; [8]; [12]; [16]; [24]; [32]; [16]. Collective title page in first part; woodcut lettrines throughout. First 6 parts with uniform woodcut title vignette depicting papal tiara and insignia; part 7 with device of Hercules and the Hydra. Rustica card wrappers (spine lightly worn). Expert old repair to blank fore-margin title part 6. A few incidental smudges and stains, else about fine.

Collection of seven contemporary Padova imprints digesting the decrees of the Council of Trent in the nine sessions between 18 Jan., 1562 and 4 Dec. 1563. An early hand has indicated the session numbers, "prima" through "nona," at the top margin. The digests of the first four sessions appear in the first booklet; each of the next five is devoted to a single session. The final booklet provides an alphabetical listing of the participants. Thus, the present series appears to be complete, providing what is promised on the first (collective) title. Similar digests appeared in the same years at other locations, including Brescia and Paris. The EDIT16 database locates a total of twelve related publications which appeared at Padova between 1563 and 1564.

[1] - Omnia acta in sacro Concilio Tridentino sub S. D. N. PP. Pio IIII. in novem sessiones digeste à die XVIII. mensis Ianuarii, 1562 usque ad diem IIII. mensis Decembris anni MDLXIII. Extat etiam Bulla apertionis Concilii. Patavii: apud Cristoforum Gryphium, 1564. Adams C-2788. CNCE 12995. USTC 861001.

[2] - Vera, et catholica doctrina de communione sub utraque specte & parvulorum publicata in sessione V. Sacri oecumici Concilii Tridentini... Die XVI. Iulii. MDLXII. Decretum de reformatione publicatum in eadem sessione quinta sub S.D.N. Pio III. Pont. Max. Patavii: [n.p.], after 1562. Adams C-2825. CNCE 12958. USTC 860945.

[3] - Vera, et catholica doctrina, quod in missa verum sacrificium, et propitiatorum offeratur. Promulgata in sessione sexta concilii Tridentini die SVII. mensis Septembris. MDLXIII. Sub Beatiff. Pio IIII. Patavii: apud Cristoforum Gryphium, 1563. Adams C-2832. CNCE 12978. USTC 860972.

[4] - Decreta publicata in sessione septima sacri Concilii Tridentini sub Pio IIII. Pnt. Max. die XV. Iulii MDLXIII. Patavii: Ex officina Laurentii Pasquati, 1563. Adams C-2830. CNCE 12967. USTC 860958.

[5] - Vera, et catholica doctrina de sacramento matrimonii et de reformatione, publicata in sessione octava, sacri Concilii Tridentini. Sub beatiss. N. Pio IIII. Pont. Max. Die XI. Novemb. MDLXIII. Patavii: apud Cristoforum Gryphium, 1563. Adams C-2827. CNCE 12973. USTC 860966.

[6] - Vera, et Catholica doctrina, publicata in sessione nona et ultima, sacri concilii tridentini, sub sanctiss. D. N. Pio IIII. Pont. Max. diebus III. & IIII. Decemb. MDLXIII. Patavii: apud Christoforum Gryphium, (ad instantiam Petrum Antonium Alciatum), 1564. Adams C-2834. CNCE 12997. USTC 861006.

[7] - Nomina, cognomina patriae, dignitates, ac promotiones illustris. et reverendiss. patrum, qui convenerunt ad Concilium Tridentinum. Nunc paulò emendatius collecta per alphabetum redacta. Patavii: apud Christoforum Gryphium, 1563. CNCE 12969. USTC 860962.

This last publication provides an alphabetical listing of those who participated in the Council, along with their places of origin, dignities, and promotions. It is the scarcest of the lot: only six copies are located in Italy by EDIT16, all in major institutions. Near Fine. Item #49123

Other references: L. Borrelli, "La collezione delle cinquecentine relative al Concilio ecumenico tridentino della Biblioteca comunale di Trento," [in:] Annali dell’Istituto storico italo-germanico di Trento, A. 6 (1980), pp. 447-545. E. Ravelli and M. Hausbergher (eds.), Incunaboli e cinquecentine del fondo trentino della Biblioteca comunale di Trento (Trento, 2000). B. Saraceni Fantini, Prime indagini sulla stampa padovana del cinquecento (Firenze: L.S. Olschki, 1951).

Price: $3,750.00

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