Eric Chaim Kline, Bookseller

Eric Chaim Kline, Bookseller

Erster Tag des Deutschen Handwerks in Braunschweig 27.-28. Oktober 1934 (First Day of the German Festival of Arts and Craft in Braunschweig - Unique Photo-Documentation)

Braunschweig: Handwerkskammer Braunschweig, 1934. Original document. Hardcover. Folio. 33 leaves. Original string-bound tan cloth with brown emblem printed on cover. Extraordinary and unique copy documenting photographically the "Day of German Crafts in Braunschweig," dedicated to the district leader Dr. Hesse, signed on the dedication page by H. Wahldiek, president of the Craft Chamber.

Illustrated with fifty-eight original tipped-in b/w photographs (3 1/2 x 5 1/4" to 9 x 7") documenting the occasion, including one reproduction of an honorary Master Craftsman Diploma issued to Dr. Robert Ley, the head of the German Labor Front. Photo credits include Hans Bittner (2), Berlin, New York Times G.m.b.H. (1), Berlin, Jos. Raab, Hof-Photograph (2), Braunschweig, Associated Press (1), Foto-lange (4), Braunschweig. Interior subdivision all titled in a bold cursive Sueterlin. All 58 photographs are extensively captions in fine cursive Sueterlin.

The album is divided into various chapters, starting with "Festive Evening at City Hall," showing a photo of City Hall in the old inner City of Braunschweig. Kurt Schmalz, deputy of Gauleiter Bernhard Rust, is shown at a lectern in NSDAP uniform, captioned "Gauleiter deputy Schmalz opens the celebration: The whole Gau breathes craft tradition." The photographs show a number of dignitaries including Prime Minister of the Free State of Brunswick Dietrich Klagges, Dr. Robert Ley signing the "Golden Book" of the City of Braunschweig, Reichs Crafts Master Wilhelm Georg Schmidt, in various photos, and Mayor Wilhelm Hess.

The second chapter is entitled "Greeting at City Hall" featuring a photo of City Hall, followed by a photo showing Mayor Wilhelm Hesse addressing the audience with an overview of the development of German crafts in the old residence of Henry the Lion, and four photographs of the opening ceremony. The following chapter includes fifteen photographs showing the pageant from the City Hall to the Denkwerderode Castle, featuring Finance Minister Hjalmar Schacht in three photographs, accompanied by NSDAP officials in uniform and various guild members with their banners. There is one photo of NSDAP members in ranks and uniform, six of various guilds,and three of a rally in front of the castle.

The next chapter shows the ceremony at the Dandwerderode Castle with two photos of the castle, one each of the exterior and interior without festivities, and three large photos, one with Wilhelm Georg Schmidt, another with Hjalmar Schacht, both addressing the audience from a lectern, a third with all dignitaries on an elevated terrace, waving to a crowd showing the Hitler-Gruß. This sequence if followed by two small photographs of the festivities.

The chapter after that illustrates the dedication of the School of the German Craft. Two photos show the front, respectively back facade of the school with four additional photos of various interior settings. Three photographs show the the lineup for the reception as well as Chamber President Wahldiek and Prime Minister Klagges in different groupings. The final chapter illustrates the consecration of 47 flags of the German Labor Front with dignitaries in NSDAP uniforms on a terrace greeting the various divisions of the Labor Front presenting their flags with three additional photographs showing the consecration after the festivities in the castle. Two of the photos with Hjalmar Schacht and Dr. Robert Ley.

The final page features a group photograph of all the participants of the seminar, including the President of the Chamber, the Minister of the Interior and Reich Craft Masters. Note: the current official Braunschweig City website, Bürgermeister-Galerie, doesn't list Mayors between 1933 and 1945. Ernst Böhme, SPD, is listed as Mayor from 1929–1933, and 1945–1948, with no names given for the period in between.

Text in German, cursive Sueterlin. Some staining on front cover . Four photos with small bends at lower left corner, one with small triangular chip at lower left corner with chip present. Light age toning of leaves. Binding in overall good+, interior in very good, photographs in near fine condition. g+ to near fine. Item #46886

Price: $2,750.00

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