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Eric Chaim Kline, Bookseller
Item #44639 Seven Proclamations and Statements Relating to the 1929 Palestine Riots [TEXT IN ENGLISH, HEBREW AND ARABIC]. John Robert Chancellor, Mousa Kazim El-Husseini, Musa Kazim Pasha al-Husayni.
Seven Proclamations and Statements Relating to the 1929 Palestine Riots [TEXT IN ENGLISH, HEBREW AND ARABIC]
Seven Proclamations and Statements Relating to the 1929 Palestine Riots [TEXT IN ENGLISH, HEBREW AND ARABIC]
Seven Proclamations and Statements Relating to the 1929 Palestine Riots [TEXT IN ENGLISH, HEBREW AND ARABIC]
Seven Proclamations and Statements Relating to the 1929 Palestine Riots [TEXT IN ENGLISH, HEBREW AND ARABIC]

Seven Proclamations and Statements Relating to the 1929 Palestine Riots [TEXT IN ENGLISH, HEBREW AND ARABIC]

Jerusalem: 1929. Broadsides. These proclamations, which would have been posted publicly at the time, specifically discuss the violence that broke out, starting on Friday August 23 1929, in Jerusalem, and the massacres and unrest that took place in the following days in Hebron and elsewhere in Palestine. The Hebron massacre is a now infamous moment in the often fraught relationship between Jews and Arabs, resulting in at least 67 Jewish residents of the city of Hebron being murdered in their homes by an angry mob, incited by religious and ethnic hatred. These incidents, and other subsequent violent and destructive actions occurring 23–29 of August 1929, resulted in the death of a total of 133 Jews and 116 Arabs, and have come to be known as the 1929 Palestine Riots. In the wake of the violence, the Shaw Commission was established in late August 1929, to investigate the events, and subsequently published its findings the following year.


August 27, 1929, "Official Bulletin", #3.
Greek Convent Printing Press. 17x13.5". Single-sided broadside sheet. Text in Hebrew. Issued by the Palestine government, detailing the casualty figures and updates from locations across the country, including Jerusalem, Tel Aviv/Jaffa and Haifa, up until that point.

"Proclamation", from John Robert Chancellor, the High Commissioner. September 1st 1929. Greek Convent Press. 13x17. Single-sided broadside sheet. Text in Hebrew.
Upon returning from a trip back to the Britain, Chancellor was agast to find about about the violence and destruction which had taken place during his abscence, and issued copies of this proclamation in three languages (Arabic, Hebrew and English), which were thrown from R.A.F planes. In the proclamation Chancellor condemns the violence (specifically against members of the Jewish community), avows justice to the perpetrators, and the resoration of law and order. He also states that in light of the recent violence, he will suspend all talks with the British government on behalf of the Commitee of the Arab Executive, regarding constitutional changes in Mandatory Palestine. Furthermore he declares his intention to implement principles laid down in the 1928 'White Paper' concerning Jewish access to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.

Responses to the Proclamation issued by John Robert Chancellor, the High Commissioner, on September 1st:

"The Palestine Arab Executive Sent the following telegram To His Excellency The High Commissioner Regarding His Proclamation Dated 1st. Sept 1929".
Beyt-Ul-Makdes Printing Press. 16.5x11". Single-sided broadside sheet. Text in English. Issued sometime in September 1929, shortly after the 1st, and undated. This statement from Mousa Kazim El-Husseini (Musa Kazim Pasha al-Husayni), who at the time was serving as the Head of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Arab Congress, refutes the claims of Arab responsibility for any of the violence committed during the riots. Also refuted are the findings of the inquiry in general, and al-Husayni goes on to accuse the British Government of being unjustly biased in favor of the Jews, and being influenced by Zionism.

September 4th, 1929, "Protest of Arab Advocates Against the Proclamation of His Excellency the High Commissioner for Palestine dated the 1st. September 1929".
Beyt-Ul-Makdes Printing Press. 17.5x11". Folded 2-page broadside sheet. Text in English. This is another statement refuting the claims of violence perpetrated by Arabs, and claiming that in fact they were the real victims of violence perpetrated by the Jews and the British Military. This publication goes into more detail than the previous document, and additionally frames these events in a wider geopolitical context.

#5 & #6
"September 4th" (possibly issued September 5th). "Proclamation", from John Robert Chancellor, the High Commissioner. Greek Convent Printing Press. Each measuring approximately 21x14.5".

The largest in these group of documents, these proclamations (one copy in English and one in Hebrew), seems to be a counter-response to, and an acknowledgment of the statements by the Arab Congress and other parties, in the preceding days. The High Commissioner seems to stick defiantly by his previous proclamation. Among the statements is the following:

"Representations have been made to me, which point to a belief in the minds of certain people that the trial of persons charged with criminal acts is to be confined to one section of the population. This belief does not correctly interpret the intentions of Government, which are that, since crimes of various descriptions are known to have been perpetrated by both Arabs and Jews, all offenders without distinction of race or creed will be brought to trial before the Courts to be set up under the Ordinance enacted by me yesterday."

The text then goes on to seemingly reproduce the text of Proclamation of the previous day, discussing the details of the investigatory commission headed by Sir Walter Shaw . These facts point to the idea that this statement was possibly made either late in the day of September 4th, or possibly issued September 5th, without a change of printing date.

September 7th, 1929. "Protest by the Arab Physicians and Pharmacists against the Declaration of the High Comissioner to Palestine, Dated September 1, 1929".
This statement is another rebuttal of the proclamiation made by the High Comissioner, in this case an association of Arab Physicians and pharmacists, basically reiterating many of the claims made by other Arab groups in the previous days, and very similar in language to those made in the previous refutations on September 1st and 4th. Beyt-Ul-Makdes Printing Press. 17.5x11". Text in Arabic.

A few sheet with minor rubbing, creasing and/or closed tears to corners and along edges. A few minor stains to some sheets. Fold creases, and minor age toning to some. Very good- to very good+ condition overall. All sheet protected by modern mylar, and then housed in large plastic sleeves. vg- to vg+. Item #44639

* Lieutenant Colonel, Sir John Robert Chancellor (1870-1952) was British soldier and colonial official who served as High Commissioner of the British Mandate of Palestine from 1928-1931.

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