Eric Chaim Kline, Bookseller

Eric Chaim Kline, Bookseller

Collection of 14 Jewish Documents

Various: Various, 1908–1935. Loose-leaf. All items but one are in letter size and printed or mimeographed. Texts in German.

1. Ausweis über die Benützung von Synagogenplätzen (Identification for the use of seats in the synagogue, printed in black). Unused sheet granting seating in the Grünstadt synagogue (Rhineland-Palatinate) based on a decision of the Synagogue committee of August 27, 1899. Inked number on verso, 1908. Very good condition.

2. Fest-Akt aus Anlass des fünfzigjährigen Jubiläums der beiden Israelitischen Wohltätigkeits-Vereine der Frauen und Männer; Programm (Ceremonial Act on the Occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the two Jewish Charitable Associations of Women an Men; program). Bad Kissingen (Bavaria), March 27, 1910. Printed on letter size sheet with blue decorative lettering and ruling. Fine condition.

3. 12 Jewish Documents: 10 of them originating in Bamberg, Germany, dated between January 1, 1933, and December 20, 1935, one from the 1920s and an additional document not dated at all.

a) Printed two-sided letter from the "Centralverein deutscher Staatsbürger jüdischen Glaubens. Ortsgruppe Bamberg. A vehement warning to the Jewish community regarding the rampant anti-Semitism in Germany as well as an appeal to contribute in form of dues or donations to receive the C.V. Newspaper, dated 1924. Very good condition.

b) Printed sheet regarding community statistics requesting listing of persons of each household by the Isr. Kultusgemeinde, Bamberg. Two indications suggesting the obvious, namely the anti-Semitic backdrop of this initiative. The request to list other than family members, including household help if of Jewish confession, and the question whether members of the household have vacated the residence since January 1, 1933. Unused document in fine condition.

c) Printed letter from the administration of the Jewish Community in Bamberg (, dated August 1934. The letter clarifies various matters relating to the seating in the synagogue. Near fine condition.

d) Mimeographed invitation for the members of five charitable associations and committees to a meeting of the Charitable Committee of the Jewish Community in Bamberg, dated March , 1935. Somewhat age toned but in very good condition.

e) Mimeographed reminder regarding voluntary contributions and dues to the Jewish community in Bamberg, dated April 1935. The dues are staggered into 10 groups from six to three hundred Reichsmark. The dues are deemed necessary next to the community's income from local and federal church taxes. Light creasing at corners and minor chip at bottom. In very good condition.

f) Mimeographed 2 page, handwritten letter to female members of Jewish community in Bamberg, dated August 8, 1935, signed Clara Lessing, president of the Israeli Women's Association. The content is a cautious warning regarding the treacherous times and at the same time, on the 25th Anniversary of the Bamberg synagogue, expresses appreciation for men and women who were instrumental in the building of the Bamberg synagogue 25 years ago. Includes and appeal for donations at end. Minor creasing at upper left corner, and minor age toning. Very good condition.

g) Printed letter from the administration of the Jewish Cultural Community in Bamberg on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the Bamberg synagogue, dated September 1935. Somber invitation to an hour of commemoration at the synagogue. A commemorative artistic portfolio for each attendant is promised in the invitation. Near fine condition.

h) Printed invitation with black ruling from the administration of the Jewish Cultural Community (Isr. Kultusgemeinde) to an hour of commemoration on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the synagogue, dated September 1935. The program of the festivities includes prayers recited by Lewandowski, an introduction by the poetess Hilde Marx, a Händel recital by vocalist Berta Simon and violinist Gert Palm, and a commemorative speech by Rabbi Dr. Katten. In very good condition.

i) Printed letter of the Jewish Cultural Association in Bavaria enticing the Jewish community to become members of the association, dated November 1935. The appeal is combined with an invitation to a concert including the request to pre-order tickets and minimize the traffic at the box office in order to maintain order in view of the watchful authorities. Light wear along edges, minor creasing and chips.

j) Mimeographed letter by the administration of the Jewish cultural community Bamberg addressing the community members regarding events of the Jewish Winter Assistance (Jüdische Winterhilfe). Announced speakers are the lawyer Dr. Morgenroth, Judicial Council Dr. Weiler, and Rabbi Dr. Katten. Minor creasing. In near fine condition.

k) Mimeographed invitation from the Community and Rabbinate Bamberg to the members of the community to an hour of sanctification entitled "Chanukah - Ceremony for City and Country" with program. Includes participation of the choir of the synagogue under the direction of Julius Schapiro and the poetess Hilde Marx. In near fine condition.

l) Printed four pages of changes to the charter of the Jewish Cultural Community in Bamberg, including bylaws and Funeral Order. Folded once to letter size. In fine condition. Item #41537

Price: $1,500.00

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