Eric Chaim Kline, Bookseller

Eric Chaim Kline, Bookseller

Citizens of the World : A History and Sociology of the Baha'is from a Globalisation Perspective

Leiden: Brill, 2006. First edition. Hardcover. Octavo. xxx, 592pp. Index and bibliography. Plus 18 unnumbered pages of plates. Pictorial buckram, lavender spine lettered in white & black. Illustrated with 16 color plates and 8 plates in black & white. A near fine, but ex-library copy with a minimal rubber library stamp on title page and at bottom edge of text block.

Citizens of the World deals with the Baha’is and their religion. While covering the historical development in sufficient detail to serve as a general monograph on Baha’i, emphasis is laid on examining contemporary Baha’i, with the Danish Baha’i community as a recurrent case. The book discusses Baha’i religious texts, rituals, economy, everyday life, demographic development, mission strategies, leadership, and international activism in analyses based on primary material, such as interview studies among the Baha’is, fieldwork data from the Baha’i World Centre in Israel, and field trips around the world. The approach is a combination of history of religions and sociology of religion within a theoretical framework of religion and globalisation. Several general topics in the study of new religions are covered. The book contributes to the theoretical study of globalisation by proposing a new model for analysing globalisation and transnational religions. (Publisher)

Contents: CONTENTS -- LIST OF FIGURES, TABLES, MAPS AND ILLUSTRATIONS -- PREFACE -- CHAPTER ONE WHEN THE GLOBAL MEETS THE LOCAL -- Citizens of the World -- The Bahai Religion One of the Old New Religions -- The Historical Development of the Bahai Religion -- The Baha i Organisation -- The Baha i Communities -- Contemporary Baha i Beliefs and Religious Practices -- Social Teachings -- Globalisation and the Baha i Message -- CITIZENS OF THE WORLD Scope and Contents -- The Globalisation Perspective -- The Making of Baha i into a Global Religion; From the Global Perspective to the IndividualGlobal Centre and Global Periphery -- Studying the Baha is -- Sources for the Study of the Baha is -- The Baha i Language -- Some Considerations on Methodology -- Issues of Terminology -- CHAPTER TWO APPROACHES TO BABI AND BAHA I STUDIES -- Early European Studies of Babism and Baha i -- Josef Arthur de Gobineau -- E. G. Browne -- The Baha i Ambivalence towards Browne -- A.-L.-M. Nicolas and Later Scholars -- Babi and Baha i Studies Resumed -- General Monographs, Surveys and Source Compilations; Surveys and Encyclopaedic WorksPublished Sources of Babi and Baha i History -- Histories of Western Baha i Communities -- Baha i Theology -- Baha is in the East -- Baha is in the West -- Histories by the Baha i Leadership -- New Religious Movement or World Religion? -- The Review Controversy and its Background -- The Harmony of Science and Religion? -- A Parallel in the Study of Christianity -- CHAPTER THREE DEVELOPMENT OF A GLOBALISATION PERSPECTIVE -- Characteristics of Globalisation -- The Historical Uniqueness of Globalisation; Approaches to GlobalisationFrom World System Theories to Globalisation Theories -- Roland Robertson s Concept of Relativisation -- Peter Beyer s Approach -- Roland Robertson s Global Field Model -- A Theory or a Model? -- An Evaluation of Roland Robertson s Global Field Model -- The “Societal Level in Robertson s Global Field Model -- Totality and Dynamics of the Global Field Model -- Robertson s Global Field Model in a Historical Perspective -- The Emergence of Baha i and the Take-off of Globalisation; Development of the Dual Global Field ModelTransnational Imagined Communities -- The Dual Global Field Model -- Generalisation of the Dual Global Field Model -- Summary of the Elements of the Dual Global Field Model -- Cosmopolitanism and the Dual Global Field Model -- GEMEINSCHAFT and GESELLSCHAFT Revisited -- Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft as Ideal Types -- Robertson s Use of Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft -- The Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft Aspects of Modern Societies -- A Model of Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft as two complementary ideal types. (OCLC)

Volume 106 of Brill's "Numen Book Series: Studies in the History of Religions." near fine. Item #52840
ISBN: 9789004143739

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