Eric Chaim Kline, Bookseller

Eric Chaim Kline, Bookseller

The Plan of St. Gall : A Study of the Architecture & Economy of & Life in a Paradigmatic Carolingian Monastery. With... a Translation into English... of the Directives of Adalhard, 753-826, the Ninth Abbot of Corbie, and with a Note... on the Significance of the Plan of St. Gall to the History of Measurement. [In Three Volumes] [OFFERED WITH A FOURTH VOLUME] "The Plan of St. Gall in Brief; an Overview of the Three Volume Work... by Lorna Price."

Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 1979. First edition. Folio (14" x 11-1/2"). 3 volumes. Raw linen with red calf spine labels. Profusely illustrated with photos ground plans and drawings. In fine, as new condition. Still in the original publisher's cardboard shipping container.

Few early medieval documents have been studied as intensively in recent years as the architectural scheme known as the Plan of St. Gall. And few possess the broad imaginative scope of this ancient parchment, drawn between 820 and 830 A.D. to guide Benedictine monastic planning in the age of Charlemagne. In 1979 the University of California Press published a three-volume study, "The Plan of St. Gall". Pro Helvetica decided to introduce the Plan to an even broader audience through an exhibition designed to travel in the United States and Europe. Designed by Ernest Born, this book not only compliments that exhibition but stands independently of it. A succinct text captures the essence of the Plan in its historical, cultural, and spiritual contexts. It is supported by over 100 illustrations, many in color, reproduced from the three volumes of "The Plan of St. Gall" to the same exacting standards of typography, printing, and paper. Also included is a note on architectural models by Price and Born, illustrated with color photographs of the site model of the Plan of St. Gall. -- From publisher's description.

Contents: v. 1. Previous literature, origin, purpose & [i.e. and] special problems ; The monastery church ; The cloisters and the abbot's house ; The monastic polity
v. 2. The guest and the service buildings -- The plan of St. Gall and its effect on later monastic planning
v. 3. Synopsis of the work : a schematic outline of the work -- List of illustrations, volumes I, II, III -- Appendix I: A catalogue of the explanatory titles of the Plan of St. Gall / by Walter Horn -- Appendix II: Preface / by W.H. [i.e. Walter Horn] ; The customs of Corbie -- consuetudines corbeienses / a translation of the directives of Adalhard of Corbie by Charles W. Jones -- Appendix III: Preface / by W.H. ; The significance of the Plan of St. Gall to the history of measurement -- a link with Roman, and English and American systems / by A. Hunter Dupree -- Glossary -- Bibliography -- Chronological table -- Index to Volume I, II, III -- Corrigenda, errata -- Colophon.

OFFERED WITH: "The Plan of St. Gall in Brief." xi, (1), 99, (1)pp. In a matching white linen binding, with a dust jacket. As new in publisher's shrink wrap.

Contents: The manuscript -- Some questions and problems -- Origins -- Index to building numbers -- Drawing -- Services of the plan -- The church -- The monks' cloister -- Novitiate and infirmary -- Health services -- Abbot's house -- House for distinguished guests and its kitchen, bake, and brewhouse -- Hospice for pilgrims and paupers and its kitchen, bake, and brewhouse -- Workshop and quarters for abbey craftsmen and artisans -- The monks' bake and brewhouse -- Grain storage, grinding, and crushing -- The monks' orchard and garden and gardener's house -- The fowlkeeper's house and henhouse and goosehouse -- The house for sheep and shepherds. Standard house and variants -- Prehistoric prototypes -- Ensuing events -- A comparison. Item #51775
ISBN: 0520035909

Price: $600.00

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