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Item #47507 The Vietnam War: A Collection of Eighty-Three German and International Anti-American Publications and Ephemera. n/a.
The Vietnam War: A Collection of Eighty-Three German and International Anti-American Publications and Ephemera
The Vietnam War: A Collection of Eighty-Three German and International Anti-American Publications and Ephemera
The Vietnam War: A Collection of Eighty-Three German and International Anti-American Publications and Ephemera
The Vietnam War: A Collection of Eighty-Three German and International Anti-American Publications and Ephemera
The Vietnam War: A Collection of Eighty-Three German and International Anti-American Publications and Ephemera
The Vietnam War: A Collection of Eighty-Three German and International Anti-American Publications and Ephemera
The Vietnam War: A Collection of Eighty-Three German and International Anti-American Publications and Ephemera
The Vietnam War: A Collection of Eighty-Three German and International Anti-American Publications and Ephemera
The Vietnam War: A Collection of Eighty-Three German and International Anti-American Publications and Ephemera
The Vietnam War: A Collection of Eighty-Three German and International Anti-American Publications and Ephemera
The Vietnam War: A Collection of Eighty-Three German and International Anti-American Publications and Ephemera
The Vietnam War: A Collection of Eighty-Three German and International Anti-American Publications and Ephemera
The Vietnam War: A Collection of Eighty-Three German and International Anti-American Publications and Ephemera
The Vietnam War: A Collection of Eighty-Three German and International Anti-American Publications and Ephemera

The Vietnam War: A Collection of Eighty-Three German and International Anti-American Publications and Ephemera

Various. Thirty-eight publications and fourty-five pieces of ephemera documenting the German and international Vietnam War protest and propaganda of the 1960s and 1970s. These documents and propaganda of German student organizations, their international affiliates along with established institutions from West and East Germany show on one hand, the vigor of the German student organizations with their socialist and communist ideas in direct conflict with the "imperialist" actions of the United States and on the other hand, the widespread activities of institutions in opposition to the Vietnam War. The publications document the ideological approaches of students, churches and institutions in West and East-Germany. Among the international figures cited are: Martin Luther King, Rudi Dutschke, Jane Fonda, Presidents Johnson, Nixon, Ho Chi Minh and many other high-ranking officials, that show the politicization of the German youth movement and institutions.

1. Publications

1965 (2). Octavo. 12pp., 16pp. Two pamphlets of "Viet Nam Report" - governmental information headlined: "Who are the Warmongers?" and "Why Bomb North Viet Nam?" Two official propaganda pamphlets, covers printed in red and black, accusing the North, the Viet Cong and China of warmongering and making the case for the bombing of North Vietnam. Includes proposals of withdrawal of US and Viet Cong forces from Vietnam.

1965. The Way He Lived. The Story of Nguyen Van Troi. Liberation Publishing House. South Vietnam. Octavo. 83 (1)pp. Text in English. The story of the Viet Cong member Nguyen van Troi who tried to assassinate US Secretary of Defense McNamarra and Ambassador to be Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. during their visit of Vietnam in 1964,told by his widow Phan Ti Quyen and written by Tran Dinh Van. The assassination attempt failed and Nguyen became the first Viet Cong executed by a firing squad of the South Vietnamese forces.

1965. Präsident Johnsons Rede in Baltimore - 7. April 1965. German translation, no publisher. Quarto. 11pp. Johnson's commitment to enter into talks to end the conflict in Vietnam, and his willingness to to contribute One Billion Dollars to better the living conditions in Sout-East Asia, if such a plan would be supported and planned by Asian.

1966. Quarto. App. 135pp. Original pink wraps with black lettering; track-bound. "Demokraten aller Länder, informiert euch! (Democrats of all countries, get informed!)." Informationen zum Vietnam-Konflikt compiled by a West Berlin study group. Based on one year of research on the Vietnam-War (Konflikt). Offered as a "modest help for orientation," with information on geography, economy and social structure of Vietnam, a historic outline documenting the development of the conflict, including the American involvement. Views on the subject dating back to 1961, and some important documents, incl. the Geneva Conference, statements of Vietnamese Buddhists, church statements, and contributions evolved through cooperation with S. Groß, H. Hohrmann, B. Schuppener, J. Starbuch, H. Tischer, and B. Wielenga.

1966 (3). Quarto. 24pp., 16pp., 16pp. Three photo-illustrated pamphlets published by the Vietnamese Ministry of Information & Open Arms. 1. Revolutionary Development in a Pacified Province: An Giang. Photo-illustrated pamphlet published by the Ministry of Information of the Republic of Viet-Nam, explaining the "Revolutionary Development," a program instituted by the South Vietnam government. It's goal, going hand in hand with the defeat of the Viet Cong, is a society of free Vietnamese, conscious of their common heritage and the necessity of nation-building in partnership with the government. 2. Viet-Nam behind the war news headlines a people's progress, featuring the flourishing agricultural programs. Includes Lyndon B. Johnson statement in support of the Vietnamese people and their cooperation with the United States, with facsimile signature. 3. Building a New Society. A photo-illustrated pamphlet covering the Honolulu Conference and Declaration from February 1966, asserting the pro-democracy principles of South-Vietnam and the cooperation in combating insurgencies and the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

1966. SDS Heidelberg. Der Krieg in Vietnam. Sonderheft der Heidelberger Blätter (The War in Vietnam. Special Issue of the Heidelberger Blätter. SDS Heidelberg. Quarto. 64pp. White wraps with black lettering on cover. map of Indochina on back cover. Contains contributions on the origins of the Vietnam conflict up to 1954, the Geneva Conference of 1954, the US entry into the war, the development up to the toppling of the Diem Regime, the Vietcong, China's and Russia's positions on the war, Germany and Vietnam, and international protests and demonstrations, among others.

1966. King, Martin Luther. Über Vietnam hinaus (Beyond Vietnam. A Time to Break Silence). Dortmund. Enclosure of the periodical "Junge Kirche, Protestantische Monatshefte." Quarto. 19 (1)pp. Original light green wraps with black lettering on cover. A speech at an event of clerics and laymen concerned about Vietnam in the Riverside Church in New York City on April 4th, 1967, in German translation. Includes a sermon by Prof. Dr. Helmut Gollwitzer

1966. Der Vietnam-Konflikt. Nicht Innerer Aufruhr Sondern Bewaffneter Angriff Von Aussen (Vietnam Conflict: Not internal turmoil but armed attack from abroad). Amerika Dienst: United States Information Service. Bad Godesberg. Quarto. (1) 16 leaves. Stapled mimeographed set of the declaration by the American Secretary of State, Dean Rusk, on February 18th, 1966, at the Foreign Committee of the Senate. Text in German.

1966/1967 (3). Three pamphlets printed by official GDR agencies. 1. "Leutnant Roller gibt zu Protokoll (Lieutenant records) Photo-illustrated red wraps. 46 (2)pp. Half-title design. Red double title page. Deemed a "factual report" this pamphlet aims to inform on Bonn's involvement in the American Aggression in Vietnam. The pamphlet is illustrated with b/photographs, e.g. dictator Ky, some notable politicians and war ships, reproductions of West-German newspaper clips and b/w reproductions of woodcuts. No date. 2. "The West German Government Involved in Vietnam." Vietnam Committee of the Afro-Asian Solidarity Committee of the German Democratic Republic. 1966. Quarto. 38pp. White wraps with green lettering on cover. Text in English. In three chapters (Economic Engagement / West Germany Profits by the War / Involvement of Personnel) this propaganda pamphlet condemns the West German involvement in Vietnam. Illustrated with b/w photographs and printed reproductions of West German newspaper clips. 3. Die westdeutsche Beteiligung an der USA-Agression in Vietnam. Same publisher as in 3. 1967. Quarto. 32pp. Tan wraps with cover design including Vietnam map, black and red lettering. Content and illustrations similar then in pamphlet 3.

1967. Kampagne für Abrüstung - Ostermarsch der Atomwaffengegner (Campaign for Disarmament - Anti-Nuclear Weapons Easter March)." Zentraler Ausschuß. Offenbach. Quarto. 39pp. Original tan printed wraps with peace symbol; track-bound. Compilation of material for backers of the campaign to use at lectures, discussions and public conversations to recruit proponents. The material supplied here is reliable and sufficient to develop public appearances. An agency to facilitate speakers is planned. Includes address list of regional committees, viewpoints of proponents of the war, and material produced by the antiwar campaign.

1967. Krieg dem Krieg (War Against War). Club Ça ira, Berlin. Tan wraps with cover design in black and red, incl. Ça ira logo. Back cover with Che Guevarra portrait. Contains message of the North-Vietnamese President Ho Chi-minh printed in black on red background of front cover. With various brief antiwar contribution, incl. a brief contribution on the Watts riots from 1965 and an attack on the Springer Press.

1967. Vietnam Demonstration am 21. Oktober '67 in West-Berlin. Published by the Kampagne für Abrüstung (Campaign for Disarmament). Octavo. 45pp. Yellow wraps with black lettering. A documentation of the organization of the demonstration that coincided with the US March on the Pentagon to confront the War Makers. The brochure contains the original appeal, the process of getting the permits, a list of events leading up to the demonstration, starting on October 14th, 1967, press releases and reports, flyers, speeches during the demonstration, including Rudi Dutschke, excerpts of a TV interview with the Berlin Mayor, and a list of German organizations calling for the demonstration, including various German and international student governments. Illustrated with b/w photographs. Laid in a press report of the Berliner Morgenpost of October 25th, 1967.

1967. US-Intervention in Vietnam ist illegal. Leading American experts of international law answer the President. German translation from a New York Times article, Sunday, January 15, 1967. Quarto. 12pp. Original tan wraps with black lettering on cover. Listing the violations by the US Government of the Charta of the United Nations and the Geneva Conference Accord of 1954. It points out that the US has no obligation to intervene due to the Seato-Agreement and that the US action in Vietnam violates international law. Signed by the Lawyers Committee on American Policy Towards Vietnam: William L. Standard, Carey McWilliams, Joseph H. Crown, and ten additional lawyers. Responsible for the reprint in West-Germany: Germany's High Church Council Dr. H. Kloppenburg, Dortmund.

1967/69 (3). Two pamphlets and one leporello published by the Nationale Front für die Befreiung Südvietnams in the GDR. All publications in wraps designed with the national colors of the FNL. 1. Politisches Programm and Kommuniqué of the special congress of the National Front 1967. The congress was held in a liberated location in South Vietnam, with members of the Central Committee, delegates of political parties, the High Command of the Liberation Army, etc. participating. The political program contains a typical list of points furthering the establishment of a progressive democracy. 2. Bedeutsame Dokumente der National Front (Important Documents of the National Front). 1969. Duodecimo. 32pp. The content includes a declarations of the National Front suggesting a global solution of the South Vietnam problem, a second declaration defining the political solution of the South Vietnam problem, and a joint declaration of various political entities. 3. Fivefold leporello printed to both sides with a brief history of the FNL from 1960 through 1967, illustrated with b/w photographs.

1968. Vietnam Mathematiker. Studentengewerkschaft Bonn (Student Union Bonn). Quarto. 34pp. Stapled gray stiff wraps with black lettering on cover. Introduction on the change of perception regarding the definition of science as apolitical and value-free. Contains contributions by mathematician A. Grothendieck: Das mathematische Leben in der Demokratischen Republik Vietnam (The mathematical life in the DRV), Der Fall Stephen Smale: Reglementierung kritische Wissenschaftler am Beispiel USA (Regulation of critical scientist in the USA), Sergio Lano: Lieber ohne Forschungsaufträge als reglementiert (Rather w/o research contracts than regulated), and a paid announcement: Warning to take Defense Jobs.

1968. Hagen, Karl Heinz. Wie kam es zum Vietnam Krieg? (How did the Vietnam War start?) Vietnam-Ausschuß beim Afro-Asiatischen Solidaritätskomitee der DDR. Quarto. 15pp. Original tan wraps with orange and black lettering, black ruling. Legal and historical background of the greatest war crime following the Nuremberg Verdict. East German propaganda pamphlet covering the origins of the war, Kennedy and Johnson,the FNL, and various details of the conflict.

1969. Luther, Hans Ulrich. Der Vietnam-Konflikt. Darstellungen und Documentation. 37/38. Berlin. Landeszentrale für Politische Bildungsarbeit, in cooperation with the Otto-Suhr-Institut and the FU Berlin (Free University). Quarto. 158 (1)pp. Contains chapters on the historical development of the Vietnam conflict, North Vietnam, South Vietnam, the involvement of the USA, politics and interest of other major powers, the effect of the conflict on neighboring states, the war in Vietnam, and finally perspective.

1971. Vietnam Laos Kambodscha Ein Kampf. Revolutionär-Kommunistische Jugend (RKJ). Quarto. 36pp. Original illustrated green wraps with red lettering on cover. Contributions by the Polish Marxist writer Isaac Deutscher on Maoism, and the Belgian Marxist economist Ernest Mandel, An attempt to Interpret the "Cultural Revolution." Illustrated with portrait of Ta Thu Thau and one advertising of the periodical "was tun."

1972. Bulletin des Vietnamkomitees No. 4. Bonn. Büro d. zentr. Vietnamkomitees. 1972. Large Quarto. 66 (2)pp. Original tan wraps designed in blue and red with same color lettering on cover. Various contributions on the situation in Vietnam and the mission of the Vietnam Committee. Reports on the large scale demonstrations and the proceedings of the central event of the Vietnam Committee in Bonn on July 8, 1972, including speeches, reports and lectures, e.g. a speech of a representative of a South Vietnam Student Group from Aachen. With contributions from various parts of Germany. Closing with contributions on the medical situation and the task of unions in Vietnam.

1972. Völkermord Als Politik (Genocide as Policy). Berlin. Octavo, 106 (4)pp. Illustrated orange wraps with reverse orange lettering on cover. The brochure was compiled by the Vietnam Committee. In an opening statement the West Berlin press is denounced and accused of falsifying the news of the American war crimes for more than ten years. The brochure contains statements by the Swedish Prime Minister Olaf Palme, Jane Fonda, the former US Attorney General Clark, as well as resolutions of the National German Union representative (DGB), the history of the Vietnamese liberation struggle until 1968, French colonialism, Japanese occupation, the founding of the FNL, the seven point peace plan, the structure of Socialism in Vietnam, the 1972 US Presidential election, appeals for demonstrations, among many additional contributions. The brochure is illustrated with striking b/w photographs.

1972. Vietnam-Kampagne. Diskussionsvorschlag der Marxisten-Leninisten Für Die Plattform Einer Vietnamkampagne. Published by Marxist-Leninist Groups in Westfalia. Quarto. 32 (2)pp. Original red stapled wraps with black lettering on cover. Proposal for a discussion of the Vietnam Campaign by Marxist-Leninists, including conditions for the involvement of Marxist-Leninists. Contains one page with literature advertisements.

1972. Nixon ist ein tollwütiger Hund (Nixon is a rabid dog). The X in Nixon substituted with a Swastika. Verlag für International Solidarität. Quarto. 32pp. Original illustrated white wraps with red and black lettering on cover. Reply of the Democratic Republic of North Vietnam and the Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Vietnam to the adventures and hysterical escalation of the war. Illustrated with b/w photographs and poster designs.

1972 (2). Two pamphlets mimeographed, one with printed cover, by the "Vietnam-Komitee für Frieden und Befreiungskampf." 1. Amis raus aus Indochina!. München, Quarto. 35pp. Original photo-illustrated wraps with red and black lettering on cover. Headline on cover: The peoples of Indochina have to take care of their matters themselves, without foreign interference. Contains the speech of the 1st Secretary of the Consulate of the South-Vietnam Republic in the GDR, on the occasion of a solidarity demonstrations in Bavaria on July 1st and 4th, 1972. It contains the appeal to entice people to join, reports on demonstrations in Passau, Altötting, Regensburg and Munich, a speech of a delegate of the German Workes Union at the Munich demonstration, and speeches of officials during the demonstrations. Illustrated with b/w photographs. 2. Indochina I: Informationen zum Imperialismus. Quarto. 22pp. Original photo-illustrated white wraps with black lettering. With contributions on the history of the freedom fights of the Indochina people, the Geneva Accord of 1954, the 10-Point-Program of the South-Vietnamese Liberation Front (FNL), information on Laos, the speech of S. N. Sihanouk at the conference of Indochina people in 1970, and Nixon's Peace Initiative. Illustrated with drawings and a b/w photograph. Laid in a leaflet promoting the victory of the fighting Vietnamese people.

1973 (2). Two pamphlets by the Kommunistischer Bund, Gruppe Hamburg. 1. Frieden in Vietnam? Der Vietnamkrieg und die Bericherstattung in der BRD (The Vietnam War and its coverage in West-Germany). Quarto. 44pp. Original color-illustrated wraps with black lettering on cover. Contributions on the truce in Vietnam, the fascist regime of Thieu, the rebuilding of Vietnam, the US policies in Sout-East Asia, a report on Lieutenant Calley, the Vietnam War and its representation in the bourgeois and right-wing press, and Social Democracy and Vietnam War, among others. Illustrated with b/w photographs, diagrams, drawings and a map. 2. Amis raus aus Indochina (Americans out of Indochina). Quarto. 16pp. Original photo-illustrated wraps with black lettering. Contains a speech from the Hamburg demonstrations of June 1st, 1973, a pro-Vietnamese article on the victory of the Vietnamese people, and the declaration of the Secretary of State of the Vietnam Republic on the 9-point-agreement. Illustrated with b/w photographs, drawings and advertisement.

1973. Vietnam '72. Dem großen Sieg entgegen. Münster. Verlag Kommunistische Texte. Quarto. 173 (2)pp. Original photo-illustrated wraps with white and orange lettering. Documents on the Liberation Struggle in Indochina. Contains notes and documents on liberated areas of Vietnam, the terror regime of Thieu in Cambodia, the war in Laos, Richard Nixon's concept, and official government statements. Illustrated with b/w photographs and one map of Indochina.

1973. Peace Treaty in Vietnam. Austin Peace Treaty Coalition. Octavo. 20pp. Original illustrated yellow wraps with black lettering. Detailed report on the Paris Peace Accord, the treaty between Vietnam and the US. Pro-Vietnam report on the struggle, the negotiations, the so-called Nine-Point Program of October 20, 1971, The Cease-Fire Agreement, including all twenty-three articles a statement by Hi Chi Minh, and the text of the statement by Le Duc Tho, member of the Politbureau of the Vietnam Worker's Party, on the occasion of the signing of the peace agreement.

1973. The Koku-Fan. January 1973. No. 55. Monthly published by Bunrin-Do Co., Ltd. Kanda Jinbocho (Tokyo), The North-Vietnamese Forces in the S.E.A. War. Text in Japanese. Photo-documentation of the Vietnam war. Illustrated with striking color and b/w photographs of battle and war scenes on each page, some captured American soldiers in color.

1974. Bulletin 8/9: Film und Fernsehn in Vietnam 1920–1974, Dokumentation (Film and TV in Vietnam 1920–1974. Documentation). Köln. Iniativkomitee für die Stärkung des Revolutionaeren Vietnamesischen Filmwesens. 1974. Large Quarto. 60 (1)pp. Original photo-illustrated stiff wraps with red border and b/w lettering. Extensive contribution on the history of Vietnam Film by Willi Lüdecke illustrated with b/w photographs. Includes an anonymous contribution "Die Ideologie des Völkermords (The Ideology of Genocide) and a speech of Ha Xuan Truòng, president of the association of filmmakers in Vietnam. Contains filmography of Vietnamese films at rear. Illustrated with b/w photographs.

No date. Quarto. 47 (1)pp. A Study of the so-called "War of Liberation" in South Vietnam. A study of the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam (NFLSV), its military force known as the Vietcong, and the People's Revolutionary Party (PRP). Lays out the history of the country since the 1954 Geneva Agreements, partitioning the country into two zones, and a detailed presentation of the founding, goals and the organization of the PRP. The latter part of the pamphlet contains footnotes, introduces key members of the PRP with portrait photographs, offers a comparison of the PRP and the North-Vietnamese Lao Dong Party, and Annex A, listing associations affiliated with the NFLSV, and Annex B, detailing the Liberation Front in South-Vietnam. Chart of organization of PRP at front.


Plus 45 (Forty-five) mimeographed flyers and leaflets, including stapled reports and appeals, some of them printed in three colors, and three newspaper clippings. This collection of material reflects both the radical and moderate German student organizations, fiercely expressing the anti-Vietnam War sentiment in Germany and the world, covering the period from 1966 to 1973, reflecting the worldwide efforts to stop the Vietnam War through a German lense, referencing Joan Baez, Martin Luther King, and other luminaries and politicians.

This group of ephemera contains flyers produced by the famous SDS (Socialist German Student Union), calling for a socialist Vietnam and the unconditional halt of the US bombing. It contains appeals for Vietnam-Demonstrations as early as June 1967, flyers expressing solidarity with the FNL, a resolution of the Vietnam-Committee at the Free University Berlin (FU), a report by pastor Martin Niemöller (World Church Council President) about his 1967 trip to Vietnam, a list of Vietnamese books in English available in late 1967, newspaper clippings from the Frankfurt Allgemeine Zeitung and the Berlin Tagesspiegel in 1968, "Vietnam Informationen" Nos. 7, 8, 9, and 10 by the SDS with vehement agitation to expropriate the German Springer Press,and accusations against the German government for its involvement, and criminalizing the US American war efforts.

The collection covers seven years, providing an in-depth view of the extent of the involvement of German student organizations in the anti-Vietnam-war protests and the international network of affiliated students as well as detailed information regarding the efforts of the "revolutionary army" of Vietnam and the various bodies involved in organizing the effort, e.g. the Central Committee of the FNL, the Revolutionary People's Committee of Thua Thien and Hue, etc. All these various aspects and positions are reproduced in a fifty page stapled Bulletin compiled by the "National Front for the Liberation of Vietnam" in the German Democratic Republic in 1968, Berlin. A series of three "Vietnam Blatt (Vietnam Leaflet)" Nos. 2, 3 and 4 informs of the political and economic background of the Vietnam war, the Vietnam society and its revolution, and the protest and resistance to the Vietnam war in the USA.

One of the highlights in this group of ephemera is the German translation of the communiqué of the Italian revolutionary and internationalist party "Lotta Communista (Communist Struggle)." Founded by Arrigo Cervetto and Lorenzo Parodi in 1965, the party does not recognize parliamentary dynamics, describing itself as unparliamentary with roots in the Anarchist Groups of Proletarian Action of the 1950s in Italy. The eight leaf, stapled pamphlet is entitled "Krieg und Frieden in Vietnam (War and Peace in Vietnam)."

Another highlight is an oversized printed green flyer issued by the Rauch-Haus-Kollektiv, named after Georg von Rauch, a student shot dead on December 5th, 1971 by police during a demonstration in Berlin. A former dorm for nuns, the Rauch-Haus-Kollektiv was occupied by students and named after Georg von Rauch two days after his death. Entitled "Das Christkind brennt... (The Christ child burns...)" the flyer is a sinister attack of the bourgoise silent German majority. Addressing the same audiens the text continues with a Merry Christmas wish... "For you to have enough material for conversation during Christmas time, we'd like to tell you a Christmas story:

VIETNAM BRENNT- UND IHR PENNT (Vietnam burns and you are sleeping), celebrating under the Christmas tree, with bells ringing and singing Christmas songs... For the CHILDREN OF VIETNAM this year again Santa Claus has come up with something very special: he gives them many big airplanes which can drop real bombs. That way Christmas in Vietnam is so much more festive. The bombs release a very happy BOOM when they arrive on earth. And very bright it gets too. The all the children in Vietnam know, that again a house or a human being burns; and they stand by with big happy eyes. Just like our kids when the candles burn. Now we all know, to what trouble the good old Nixon, pardon me, I meant to say Santa Claus, goes, to afford the Vietnam children a happy holiday. He didn't shy away from making every effort to prepare everything. Together with his little elf Kissinger, he tried for months to deceive the world with alleged peace talks in Paris..."

The collection publications and ephemera provides a representative view of the content and methods of the leading German student organization, the Sozialistischer Deutscher Studentenbund (SDS), in general and the Vietnam War protest in particular. It also sheds light on activities of the German governments in East and West, as well as church affiliates and publishers during the late 1960s and early 1970s. The SDS was founded in 1946 as the collegiate branch of the Social Democratic Party. In the 1950s differences between the main party and the SDS surfaced and escalated, mainly over the party's support of the rearmament of West Germany, and led to the expulsion of all SDS mambers from the party in 1961. After the SPD and the CDU formed the grand coalition in 1966, leaving parliament without formidable opposition, the SDS became a leading element of the Außerparlamentarische Opposition (APO: "Extraparliamentary Opposition"). The opposition to the Vietnam War and nuclear weapons were two major objectives of the organization, next to its opposition to former National Socialist holding influencial positions in German government. The APO promoted alternative lifestyles, abortion rights and equal rights for women, among other issues. The SDS was the best known representative of the APO. Important members of the SDS were Helmut Schmidt while the SDS was still part of the SPD, Ulrike Meinhof, later to join the notorius Red Army Faction, and Rudi Dutschke. The SDS disbanded in 1970.

The condition of official publications is generally good to very good, as is the part of ephemera with occasional examples of damaged material, tears, chips, creasing and age-toning. g to vg. Item #47507

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