Eric Chaim Kline, Bookseller

Eric Chaim Kline, Bookseller

A Collection of 43 Invoices, Reminders, Order confirmations, Business Correspondence, and Advertisements of Jewish Companies in Berlin.

Berlin: Various, 1891–1937. Loose leaf. This collection of business correspondence, invoices and advertisements is representative for small and large Jewish businesses in Berlin. Many of the letterheads with intricate and elaborate artistic designs produced in lithography or engraving. Unless otherwise indicated the correspondence and invoices are handwritten, some signed by the owners. Includes three company envelopes. Some browning, light occasional staining with small marginal defects. Overall in very good condition.

1. Albert Rosenhain, department store; illustrated advertisements, one of them folded and printed in color lithography. The second for the Fall Collection in two color lithography, with staggered illustrated leaves showing new merchandise, electric household appliances, lamps, small furniture, and suggestions for presents. The third thin, stapled catalog with headline "Recipes Against Boredom," designed by Felicitas von Reznicek. Laid in a printed reply card. (3)

2. N. Israel; invoice from 1929, a reminder for delivery on engraved company stationary, a 1908 typed complaint addressing Blech Frèewa & Co., a reminder for an ordered delivery, the last two on company letterhead with lithograph of company building in light brown. (4)

3. Eugen Saulsohn, paper and writing utensils; invoices from 1905, 1913, 1918. (6)

4. Gustav Levy, Asbach & Co. m.b.H.; 1920 handwritten response to a customer inquiry.

5. M. Isaac; invoice from December 1925.

6. S. Cohn, feather duster manufacturer; invoices with small illustration at head from 1897 and 1901. (2)

7. Loeser & Levin; return claim from 1906.

8. Heinrich Jordan, purveyor to the court, department store with own weaving mill; 1905 invoice with elaborately engraved letterhead showing the department store and various medals awarded to the company.

9. Silbermann & Co., Mechanische Wollhut-Fabrik (Wool Hat Factory); 1904 invoice with blue lithograph showing the factory and company name with decorative framing.

10. Israelski & Robinson A.-G., shoe wholesale; one 1935 invoice with sepia-toned steel engraving of company building, framed by Berlin landmarks, and a 1935 letter size notification, printed in brown, with reference to necessary changes in contacting the company by mail. (2)

11. H. Wertheim Söhne, import business for Russian and American machine oils; typed response to a customer inquiry on company letterhead with b/w steel engraving of the company buildings.

12. S. H. Cohn, Farben- und Lack-Fabriken (Paint and Varnish Factory); invoice on company letterhead with b/w steel engravings of two company locations.

13. F. V. Grünfeld, Linen and Clothes, purveyor to the court; 1917 typed reminder to pick up goods on company letterhead with steel engravings of two company locations and their weaving mill, with stamped envelope announcing summer sale printed to front.

14. Badt & Silberstein; two 1913 printed letters for the stocking company providing their business partners with facsimile signatures of the partners in the company. (2)

15. Reise- und Verkehrsbüro Vossische Zeitung, Ullstein Reisebüro; mimeographed letter size circular informing customers on the significance of the Vossische Zeitung for the spa business and how to request brochures with special offers. Lithographed streamer of the Ullstein emblem in two colors.

16. Herrmann Gerson, Drapes, Carpets, Upholstery Fabrics, Wallpapers, etc.; 1898 invoice on company letterhead with seven engraved company emblems for its locations in Berlin, Paris and London.

17. A. Wertheim G.m.b.H.; 1937 order confirmation on company letterhead and printed four-page sales contract for Oskar Klick, buying a bookcase. With one illustrated envelope featuring a steel engraving of the department store. and a second envelope with company address printed to front. (2, and 1 envelope)

18. Rudolph Hertzog; 1891 invoices on company letterhead with steel engravings of four awarded medals. (2)

19. Max John, Advertising Agency; 1010 invoice on company letterhead with lithographed illustration in blue.

20. Selig Auerbach & Söhne; mimeographed reminder with handwritten addressee demanding financial statements from a salesman.

21. Adolf Joelsohn; handwritten 1919 response relating to an unresolved business deal.

22. Georg Jordan, deli; 1912 monthly statement of purchases by Otto Gericke for June 1912 with three small steel engravings in letterhead.

23. A. B. Citroen; printed circular by a sales rep to his clients, announcing the new sales rep for the Rhineland and Westfalia.

24. Simon & Werner, woolen goods factory store; 1898 printed circular informing clientele of acquisition of the company by Oscar Säuberlich and Hugo Solomon, with facsimile signatures of future underwriting.

25. S. Adam, men and boys clothing; 1904 typed cover letter for delivery of new catalog specifying a discount offer.

26. Anton Nathan, Orthophon-Speaking Machines; 1913 order confirmation on company stationary with engraved illustrations in letterhead.

27. Jüdisch-liberale Zeitung, Hanns Loewenstein und Willi Tisch Verlag; 1932 invoice on company letterhead.

28. Deutsches Reichs-Adressbuch von Rudolf Mosse (Address Book Publisher); 1931 mimeographed special offer for the 1932 Reichs-Address Book. vg. Item #44807

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