Eric Chaim Kline, Bookseller

Eric Chaim Kline, Bookseller

Salo Wittmayer Baron, Jubilee Volume on the Occasion of His Eightieth Birthday. 3-vols. set (Complete)

Jerusalem and New York: American Academy for Jewish Research; Columbia University Press, 1974. First edition. Hardcover. Quarto. 554, 555-1095pp (in English), VI, 439pp (in Hebrew). Original blue cloth with gold lettering and borders on spines. Frontispiece portrait of Salo Wittmayer Baron in Volume I of the English section, and in the Hebrew volume. Errata sheet laid in. Fascinating work published to commemorate Baron's 80th birthday. Articles in the English volumes are "Bibliography of Printed Writings of Salo Wittmayer Baron," Jeannette Meisel Baron, "Letters from Dohm to Mendelssohn," Alexander Altman, "From Zedecha to Yahudi Mahalessi: The Jewish Quarter of Candia in the Seventeenth Century," Zvi Ankori, "Robert Owen and His New View of Society," Herman Ausubel, "Finalizing An Issue: Modena's Authorship of Qol Sakhal," Isaac E. Barzilay, "Scholar's 'Opinions': Documents in the History of Dropsie College," Meir Ben-Horin, "Ayalta: from the Doe in the Field to the Mother of Messiahs," Abraham Berger, "On the Supposedly Aristotelian Charachter of Gabirol's Keter Malkut," Joseph Blau, "Premiers Temoignages Epigraphiques Sur les Juifs en France," Bernard Blumenkranz, "Don Ishaq Braunel," Francisco Burgos Cantera, "Juifs et Arabes: Reflexiones sur Leur Renaissance nationale," Andre Cahaouraqui, "The Hasmonean Revolution Politically Considered," Martin A. Cohen, "Christian Translators of Maimonides Mishnah Torah into Latin," Jacob I. Dienstag, "Adam Mickiewicz's Anti-Jewish Period: Studies in 'The Books of the Polish Nation and of the Polish Pilgrimage,'" Abraham J. Duker, "H.M. Baratz and his View of Khazar Influence on the Earliest Russian Literature, Juridical and Historical," Douglas M. Dunlop, "Masoret and its Historical Background," R. Edelmann, "Platonic Themes in Gersonides Cosmology," Seymour Feldman, "A Militant Marrano in Portuguese-India in the 16th Century," Walter J. Fischel, "Jewish Historiography in the Netherlands in the 17th and 18th Centuries, Leo and Rena Fuks, "Documents on Roumanian Jewry, Consul Peixotto, and Jewish Diplomacy 1870-1875," Lloyd P. Gartner, "Jew and Negro: Notes on Mobility of Two Minority Groups in the U.S.," Eli Ginzberg, "New Sources on the Palestinian Gaonate," Shelomo Dov Goitein, "'This Song,'" Judah Goldin, "Pope Alexander III and the Jews," Solomon Grayzel, "'It is Enough for the servant to be Like his master,'" Max Greunwald, "The Agreement Between the Musta'ribs and the Mahgribis in Cairo 1527," H.Z. Hirschberg, "Jean Racine's Esther and Two Hebrew Translations of this Drama," Bettina L. Knapp, "Taamrat Emanuel's Notes on Falasha Monks and Holy Places," Wolf Leslau, "Jewish Influence upon Arthurian Legends," Curt Leviant, "An anti-Jewish Code: The Qasida of Abu Ishaq against Joseph ibn Nagrella," Bernard Lewis, "A Jewish Memorandum to the Viceroy of the Kingdom of Poland, Paskiewicz," Raphael Miller, "The Attitude of the Early Karaites toward Christianity," Leon Nemoy, "Levanda's Last Stand," Moshe Perlmann, "Hermann Cohen and Heinrich Graetz," Erwin I.J. Rosenthal, "Hebrew as Everyday Language of the Jews in Israel - Statistical Appraisal," U.O. Schmelz and R. Bachi, "A Frankist Document from Prague," Gershom Scholem, "On the Wine God in Palestine (Gen. 18, Jn. 2 and Achilles Tatius)," Morton Smith, "The Hebrew Revival Among Early Medieval European Jews," Shlomo Simonsohn, "The Bene Israel and the Jewish People," Schifra Strizower, "East European Jewish Workers in Germany during World War I," Zosa Szajkowski, "Young German Intellectuals on Romanticism and Judaism - Spiritual Turbulence in the Early 19th Century," Uriel Tal, Reappaisals in Jewish History," Bernard D. Weinryb, "Two Types of Ritual and Their Music," Eric Werner, "Saadia on the Semantic Aspect of the Problem of Attributes, "Professing Jews in Post-Expulsion Spain and Portugal," Yosef Hayim Yerushalmi, " Unpublished Materials on the Relations of Austrian and German Jews to the Central Governments," Arthur J. Zuckerman. Hebrew articles are "An Eighteenth Century Letter From Venice to Metz," Shlomo Eidelberg, "Eschatological Meanings Attributed to Biblical Terms in Talmud, Midrash and Apocrypha," Israel Ephros, "Moroccan Jews in Spain in the Beginning of the Seventeenth Century," Haim Beinart, "The Status of the Sabbatean Movement in Jerusalem," Meir Benayahu, "Tenth and Eleventh Century Karaite Attitude to Gentiles," Haim S. Ben-Sasson, "The Letters of the Communal Leaders from Amsterdam: A New Source Concerning the Relationship between American Jewry and Eretz Yisrael," Moshe Davis, "On the Pilpulistic Method," Chaim Zalman Dimitrovsky, "Rabbi Joseph Ashkenazi and the Mishne Tora of Maimonides," Isadore Twersky, "Israel in Contemporary Sociological Research," Aryeh Tartakower, "On Persecution of the Jewish Religion," Saul Lieberman, "Establishing the Dates of the Books 'Ha-kane' and 'Ha-pelia,'" Benzion Netanyahu, "The Legend on the Revival of the Carcasses in the Story of the Covenant of the Pieces," Joshua Finkel, "Ancient Opinions Concerning the Law of False Witnesses," Loius Finkelstein, "Otzar Ha-kabod Completum on Tractate Ketubot by Rabbi Todros ha-Levi Abulafia of Toledo," Leon A. Feldman, "The Problem of Controversy in Tradition (Maimonides contra Rabbi Jacob ben Ephraim of Eretz Yisrael)," Moses Zucker, "Ahad Ha-am and the Knowledge of Historiography," Noah Rosenbloom, "Polemical Tractates," Judah Rosenthal, "The Prophecies of Josephus and of Rabban Yohanan ben Zakkai on the Ascent of Vespacian to the Throne," Avraham Schalit, "A List of Ancient Abodoth," Shalom Spiegel. Minor age wear on binding, with minor scratches and bumps. Bindings and interior in overall very good condition. vg. Item #40263

Salo W. Baron was a pioneering figure in 20th century Jewish studies. When he took a position teaching Jewish history at Columbia University it was only the second such professorship in the United States. He is best known for his 18 volume work, A Social and Religious History of the Jews.

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