Eric Chaim Kline, Bookseller

Eric Chaim Kline, Bookseller

Ma'aleh Bet Horin, Ve-hu Seder Hagadah Shel Pesah/ Hagadah Shel Pesah, ke-Minhag Ashkenazim ukhe-Minhag Sefaradim [THIRD EDITION OF THE AMSTERDAM HAGGADAH, MISSING THE MAP]

Amsterdam: Yaccov Proops, [1781]. Third edition. Hardcover. Quarto. [2] 52 double-sided leaves. Rebacked in modern brown leather spine over original period brown leather boards. Gilt lettering and ruling on the spine. Modern endpapers. Profusely illustrated throughout with copperplate engravings. Includes both an initial illustrated title page with copperplate engravings surrounding the text (Ma'aleh Bet Horin) and a printed title page with decorative woodblock borders and the publisher's device. In addition to the Hebrew text, a few sections throughout are in Judeo-German (Yiddish) printed in Vaybertaytsh script.

This third edition of the famous Amsterdam Haggadah, found the work reformatted into a smaller size, and saw the title officially changed to Maleh Beit Horin (meaning "house free men"). Most of the same famous copperplate engravings by Abraham ben Jacob (aka Abraham bar Yaccov), that previously appeared in the 1695 and 1712 editions, are retained here. The two images added to the 1712 second edition are included (the illustrated order of the Seder, and the complete ten plagues), but four of the full series of images included in the first two editions are not present. These missing images are Abraham smashing the idols of his father, Moses receiving the Ten Commandments a Mount Sinai, Moses and Aaron coming to Pharaoh, and the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.* In our copy the engraved title and three other other engravings contain contemporary hand-coloring (the rabbis of Bene Brak, the Four Sons, the angels visiting Abraham).

The text of this third edition replaces the complete running commentary from Isaac Abravanel of the earlier editions, with 3 additional text commentaries. These include the "Gevurot Hashem" from the Maharal of Prague (Judah Loew ben Bezalel), writings by Rabbi Moshe Alshich, and "Olelot Ephraim", a collection of ethical homilies by Rabbi Shlomo Ephraim Luntschitz. However Abravanel's commentary is present following Yishtabach through the end of the Seder, and in the initial six-leaf section preceding the text of the Passover seder which discusses the laws of Passover.

This copy is lacking the original engraved map of the Holy Land at the rear, as it was originally issued. Binding with some rubbing and abrasions to the original boards and spine. Interior with heaving staining to pages throughout, with text still legible. Biding and interior in in good- condition overall. g-. Item #32033

Hebrew title: מעלה בית חורין, והוא סדר הגדה של פסח
Alternate Hebrew title: הגדה של פסח: כמנהג אשכנזים וכמנהג ספרדים
Publication: יעקב פרופס, אמשטרדם, תקמ"א
Alternate transliterations: Ma'ale Bet Horin, Ma'ale Beit Khorin, Ma'ale Beit Chorin, Ma'ale Beit Horin,
Bibliographic references: Yaari 199, Vinograd: Amsterdam 2113, Yudlov 300, Yerushalmi: Plate 75

*This contravenes the statement made by Yerushalmi (Plate 75) that all of the engravings of the previous editions are retained.

Price: $750.00