Eric Chaim Kline, Bookseller

Eric Chaim Kline, Bookseller

Kol ha-neviʾim lifne mashiaḥ nizharim be-ḳarnayim (Hebrew), hoc est Biblia Hebraica accentuata, sive codicis hebraei, accentuum Radiis collustrati, ultra bis mille Specimina, quibus Vexatissima Loca, reliqua Hermenevsi non neglecta, nodis solvuntur, Praemissis IV. Dissertationobus in hanc rem, cum Accentuationis, utriusque Tabula, Additis, post spicilegium, conjecturis de Accentuum origine divina, & Obsignationis ratione apud Priscos. 2 vols. bound in one (Complete)

Lipsiae (Leipzig): In aedibus Riesianis, & apud Joh. Sam. Heinsium (Riese and Heinsius), 1729. First edition. Hardcover. Quarto. [26], 992, 656, [40]pp. Contemporary full parchment binding, with handwritten title on spine. All paper edges red. Title page in red and black lettering. This handsome edition of this Biblia Hebraica contains the entire Tanakh, the canonical collection of Jewish texts, which is the common textual source of the several canonical editions of the Christian Old Testament. Tanakh is an acronym of the first Hebrew letter of each of the Masoretic Text's three traditional subdivisions: Torah ("Teaching", also known as the Five Books of Moses), Nevi'im ("Prophets") and Ketuvim ("Writings") - hence TaNaKh. The Tanakh consists of twenty-four books which were passed on by each generation, and according to rabbinic tradition were accompanied by an oral tradition, called the Oral Torah. The books are divided into three main divisions:

1) Torah, consists of five books, commonly referred to as the "Five Books of Moses."

2) Nevi'im: the second main division of the Hebrew Bible, between the Torah and Ketuvim. It contains two sub-groups, the Former Prophets (Nevi'im Rishonim נביאים ראשונים, the narrative books of Joshua, Judges, Samuel and Kings) and the Latter Prophets (Nevi'im Aharonim נביאים אחרונים, the books of Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel and the Twelve Minor Prophets). This division includes the books which cover the time from the entrance of the Israelites into the Land of Israel until the Babylonian captivity of Judah (the "period of prophecy"). Their distribution is not chronological, but substantive.

3) Ketuvim, consists of eleven books (the three poetic books and the five scrolls, Daniel, Ezra - Nehemiah, and Chronicles). Although there is no formal grouping for these books in the Jewish tradition, they nevertheless share a number of distinguishing characteristics.

This volume is complete with its large folded plate facing page 76.

Age-toning and rubbing to binding, with sporadic abrasion to parchment. Moderate and sporadic foxing throughout. Text in Latin, with some Hebrew. Binding in overall fair, interior in good to very good condition. f to vg. Item #21212

About the author: Georg Christoph Dachsel (? - 1742) was a German Hebraist and theologian. He pursuted his studies at Leipsig, took his degrees, and became minister at Lechnitz in 1712, and at Geringswalde in 1729, where his death occurred in 1742. He wrote, "De Uncionae Elisaei (Leipsig, 1708): — "Biblia Hebranica Accentuata" (ibid. 1729). See Hoefer, Nouvt. Biog. Generale, s.v.

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