Eric Chaim Kline, Bookseller

Eric Chaim Kline, Bookseller

Sefer Dibrot Mosheh 'al masekhtot Bava kama (helek sheni), Bava metsi'a, Bava batra: me'at hidushim ... be-divre rabotenu ha-rishonim, zatsal, ve-gam le-lamdam be-shi'ure ha-yeshivah*

Bene Berak: Yeshivat Ohel Yosef, 1983. Hardcover. Folio. 448pp. Modern cloth binding. The author, Rabbi Moses Feinstein, was the leading judicial arbitrator of Jewish Law in the 20th Century (see below). This volume is devoted to his lectures in Seder Nezikin (of the Mishna) including discussion of Torts, property rights, and inheritance. Minor age wear. In Hebrew. Very good condition. vg. Item #12410

On the author (source: Public Domain):
Rabbi Moshe Feinstein (March 3, 1895–March 23, 1986) was a Lithuanian Orthodox rabbi, scholar and posek ('decisor', i.e., an arbiter of questions pertaining to Jewish law), who was world-renowned for his expertise in Halakha and was regarded by many as the de facto supreme rabbinic authority for Orthodox Jewry of North America. In the Orthodox world, it is universal to refer to him simply as "Reb Moshe."

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